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Hello! Welcome to our farm’s website. We are in the infancy stage of creating this site. Our plans for the future include – at a minimum – links to literature addressing methods and benefits of conservation farming of milkweed and nectar plants, benefits of these practices for pollinators, the conversion of pasture land to suitable farm land for flowers and the use of a high tunnel for extending the growing season for flowers. We will include summaries of our successes and failures, and the trials and tribulations of new farmers along the way. Stay tuned.

March 1, 2020 9F Three Mr. Heaters have kept the freezing temperatures outside and kept our tulips and daffodils happy overnight.
March 1, 2020 afternoon Temp up to 94F in High Tunnel

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We were long-term Alaskans who have always gravitated to the outdoors. We have found our way to the warmer and sunnier climate in central Vermont. We are happy to be here, developing our farm with earth-friendly principles guiding our decision making at every step. When we picked the crops we wanted to focus on, our intent was to support pollinator habitat - in particular the Monarch butterfly. We have since come to appreciate the importance of this habitat for native bees and songbirds. Our objective is to be a model of conservation farming. And, I think we will enjoy some amazing floriculture along the journey!

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