About Asclepias Farm

Our Mission

To work hard, have fun and be financially successful while creating fields of beauty that are premium habitat for pollinators.

Our History

Craig and Mary-Beth Gardner moved to Vermont to be closer to our daughter, after decades of living in Alaska. We are enjoying the warmer and sunnier climate of south-central Vermont and starting up our farm. Fundamental to our efforts is developing our farm using earth-friendly methods at every step. Like many small Vermont farms, we have fields that offer optimal soil quality and terrain and others that are not so rich. Instead of trying to make the land bend to our will, we have chosen crops that naturally grow and excel on the soil and terrain types we have and will also benefit Vermont’s pollinators – in particular, the monarch butterfly and native bumblebees. We have since come to appreciate the importance of this habitat for many other insect and avian pollinators. Ours objective is to be a model of conservation farming while enjoying and sharing some amazing floriculture along the journey.

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