Milkweed seed and fiber, cut flowers and pick-your-own sunflowers

Highly adapted to the New England environment, milkweed is a life requirement for monarch butterfly rearing and is utilized by many native pollinators. Habitat restoration is now widely regarded as the single most important measure needed to increase all wild pollinator populations including monarch butterflies. For genetic reasons, it is recommended that the source of milkweed seed planted for pollinator conservation be as locally native as possible (Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation).

Milkweed Seed

Vermont grown milkweed seed for garden and habitat restoration projects.

Milkweed Fiber

An excellent insulator, milkweed fiber has been used in garments, comforters, pillows, and (during World War two) in flotation devices. Milkweed floss is also an effective oil/chemical absorbent.

Cut Flowers

Produced in field and high tunnel, cut flowers – seasonally available.

Pick-Your-Own flowers

Many varieties of pollinator-friendly flowers are available. Please call ahead to schedule.

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